The Best Big Cat Toys for Happy and Healthy Cats


Welcome to the exciting world of feline enrichment, where we learn about the playful side of our beautiful big cats. As we know more about “Big Cat Toys,” it’s clear that giving these beautiful animals fun things to do is a nice-to-have and an essential part of their health. Under the surface of a toy that seems easy, a key can help our big cats exercise, mental stimulation, and a sense of accomplishment.

We will learn about the kinds of toys that interest them, how fun it is to make their toys, and the essential things you need to think about to make sure they are safe and happy. Let’s start this trip and discover how these toys are fun for our big cats and essential for keeping them healthy and comfortable in captivity.

Best characteristics of big cat toys

Stimulation and Engagement:

The best toys for big cats are made to appeal to and involve the cat’s instincts. Toys that make them curious help them solve problems and give them mental challenges, making the surroundings more enriching.


The big cats are strong and can be rough with their toys. The best toys are made of long-lasting materials that can withstand the animals’ strength and fun. This makes sure that the toys last a long time and are safe.


Toys that can be used in different ways or for different types of play are beneficial. Whether it’s a climbing structure that can also be used as a cozy spot or a toy that gives out treats, toys that can be used in different ways keep cats interested.


Safety is paramount. Toys that are safe for kids to play with don’t have any small parts that could be swallowed or hurt. Also, they should be made with big cats’ wants and behaviors in mind so they are less likely to get injured while playing.

Size Appropriateness:

Big cats come in many sizes and shapes. For each cat, the best toys are the right size, ensuring that the toy is neither too small to be complicated nor too extensive to be scary.

Natural Mimicry:

Toys that look like parts of a big cat’s natural surroundings, like climbing structures that look like trees or plush toys that look like prey, can make playtime more meaningful by appealing to these animals’ instincts.

Interactive Elements:

Toys that require the cat to participate actively, like puzzle feeders or toys that respond to movement, get the cat moving and thinking, which is good for their health.

Easy to Clean:

In prison, cleanliness is essential. To keep things clean and stop germs from building up, the best big cat toys are made to be easy to clean.

Appealing Textures:

Big cats often like toys with different textures. Different textures can improve the experience, like plush toys’ softness, sisal’s roughness on climbing structures, or the crunchiness of some materials.

Aesthetic Considerations:

The cats might not care about how things look, but toys that are nice to look at can make the environment better for people who care for the cats and guests. Bright colors or natural tones that fit in with the enclosure can make the space more pleasing to the eye.

Types of big cat toys

Types of big cat toys

Interactive Feeders:

Big cats can play with toys that give them food or treats when they move them around.

Goal: To promote mental stimulation, physical action and problem-solving.

Plush Toys:

Soft, stuffed toys are often made to look like animals that prey on other animals.

Its purpose is to give warmth, a sense of safety, and a way to release predatory urges.

Climbing Structures:

Big cats can climb and travel on platforms, trees, or other structures higher than the ground.

The goal is to make it look like their natural habitat, get them moving, and give them vantage spots.

Sensory Balls:

Large, textured balls that cats can play with and touch to exercise their senses.

The goal is to improve sensory experiences, encourage physical exercise, and keep the mind active.

Catnip Toys:

Catnip is a plant that makes many cats feel happy for a short time. These toys contain catnip.

The goal is to make things interesting, encourage play, and provide a natural form of education.


Long, enclosed buildings that look like pathways or places to hide.

It provides a sense of safety, encourages discovery, and creates a fun area for play.

Water Toys:

Big cats that like water should have things that float or don’t get wet.

The purpose is to add variety to play, especially for species that like to do things in water.

Chase and Pounce Toys:

Description: Toys that move like small animals make kids want to hunt.

The goal is to get people to exercise, get them shooting, and give them a fun, active way to play.

Sisal or Rope Toys:

Toys made from sisal or rope that can be scratched and played with.

The purpose is to keep the claws healthy, satisfy the urge to scratch, and provide a physical experience.

Tug-of-War Toys:

These are strong toys meant to be played with by the cat and its owner.

The purpose is to strengthen the bond between people and animals, provide physical exercise, and provide a way to socialize.

Electronic or Automated Toys:

Batteries power toys that move or make noise to keep the cat busy.

Purpose: Gives the cat something to do independently and can spark interest.

Mirror Toys:

Toys with mirrors will interest the cat in looking at their image.

5 Best Big Cat Toys 

SmartyKat Rat Pack Kicker Plush Catnip

The SmartyKat Rat Pack Kicker Plush Catnip is more than just a toy; it’s a well-thought-out mix of design and fun for cats. This kicker plush is made to make cats feel like they are being chased so they can play rough and aggressively with it, doing things like tackling, fighting, and kicking. The random color change adds excitement and keeps things interesting for the cat and the owner.

Features and Analysis:

This kicker plush stands out because it’s made in a way that encourages movement. The catnip adds an extra layer of appeal, and most cats get excited and start playing immediately. In addition to the euphoric high, the plush supports various physical activities, such as pouncing and grappling. This all-around approach to exercise is good for our furry friends’ health and fitness.


  • The instinct to hunt set off
  • Robust build for rough play. Random color change to add to the fun
  • Catnip infusion for more energy


  • Randomly choosing colors might only work for some.

Ultimately, the SmartyKat Rat Pack Kicker Plush Catnip is an excellent choice for cat owners who want to give their cat a toy that will entertain and satisfy its natural desires. Because of the unpredictable color changes and fun catnip stimulation, this plush successfully turns playtime into a healthy exercise session, improving our cats’ lives in a fun and essential way.

Potaroma Cat Toys Cat Pillows

Bath Toys for Cats Cat pillows are a very appealing way for cats to make friends because they are made of soft, fluffy material and baby-level cotton, which makes them feel safe and comfortable. These pillows were made to be catnip kicker toys. They are comfortable and full of 100% pure, potent, organic catnip. Catnip, known as the herb cats love, adds fun to playing, making these pillows perfect for cuddle sessions.

Features and Analysis:

Because they were made with cats’ comfort in mind, these pillows do two things. Aside from making cats feel better, adding organic catnip to their treats makes them want to pounce and pat. The kitten kicker stick toy helps teach cats to chase and chew, which is good for their health and strengthens the bond between cats and their owners.


  • It is made of soft, plush material and cotton that is soft enough for babies to wear.
  • Total of 100% natural and pure catnip to make it more playful.
  • Encourages cats to live better lives.


  • How each cat reacts to catnip may be different.

The Potaroma Cat Toys Cat Pillows are a great addition to the toys cats can play with. With organic catnip mixed in and soft fabric, these pillows are a fun way to improve your cat’s health and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Some things, like how each cat reacts to them and how long they last, may differ, but these pillows are generally very appealing and helpful, so any cat owner should get them.

Hanging Automatic Interactive Cat Toy

We said this Hanging Automatic Interactive Cat Toy would make playing with your cat more fun. It has an intelligent powered system that makes it bounce, wiggle, and shake randomly. These movements appeal to a cat’s natural urges to chase and jump. The goal isn’t just fun but also a good, exciting experience that will help people deal with boredom and stress, especially while you’re not around. Let’s look at the product’s features and see how well it matches its claims.

Features and Analysis: 

This cat toy is easy to use and has a one-click start for imaginative playtime. The automatic 15-minute run time, followed by a standby period and activation, ensures the play loop is broken up. The mice hanging from the lowest point give your cat something fascinating to look at, which will keep their mind and body busy. One great thing about this toy is that it can change to fit your cat’s exercise level so that it can be used for various activities.


  • Three interesting movements: wiggling, shaking, and jumping.
  • Play cycles of 15 minutes, with breaks for rest. Interactive mice that are hung at the lowest point.


  • Playtime is limited to 15 minutes per shift.

We can say that the Hanging Automatic Interactive Cat Toy does an excellent job of giving home cats a fun place to play. Its well-thought-out design, which includes different movements and rest periods, works well with cats’ natural behaviors. It might have some problems, like only letting your cat play for a short time, but overall, it’s a great addition to your cat’s entertainment routine that will keep them both physically and mentally busy.

MIAOXSEN Cat Toy with Sturdy Scratching Pads

This is the MIAOXSEN Cat Toy with Sturdy Scratching Pads, an excellent cat activity. This cat toy promises a unique 3-in-1 experience by combining play, warmth, and scratching into a single fun item. The idea lets cats play a game like soccer by swatting at balls that roll along the track, making an excellent sound. It can also be used as a cozy cat bed on lazy afternoons, and the strong cat scratcher in the middle will keep them from scratching your furniture.

Features and Analysis:

Made from 100% high-quality perforated paper that is safe for the environment, the MIAOXSEN Cat Toy is built to last. Using green, safe materials ensures your cats have a long and safe time playing. Adding a scratching pad removes a cat’s natural urge to scratch, encouraging healthy scratching behavior while protecting your furniture. This soccer-themed game is fun for kids’ bodies and minds, making the toy more involved.


  • It is a soccer game that is fun to play with moving balls and pleasant sounds.
  • Offers an option for furniture for people who need to scratch.


  • More active cats would enjoy the soccer game more than less busy cats

The MIAOXSEN Cat Toy with Sturdy Scratching Pads is an excellent tool for cats that gives them a lot of different experiences. The eco-friendly materials and long-lasting design make it a good purchase. Because it has parts cats can use for play, relaxation, and scratching, this cat toy is a complete answer for their health and happiness.

Catstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker

The Catstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker is a fun tooth toy for cats that can be played alone or with other cats. With its wavy texture and catnip filling, this toy will surely be a fun treat for our cats. But does it live up to all the fuss? Let’s see what this Crunchy Pickle Kicker does well and what makes it unique.

Features and Analysis:

The Crunchy Pickle Kicker is not like other cat toys. The wavy texture makes it even more interesting, and its sound will catch a cat’s attention. In addition to being fun, the toy is suitable for your teeth because it has different textures. This toy is just the size for those playful bunny kicks and bites. It’s fun for your cat and suitable for their teeth, so it’s a great addition to their playtime.


  • Crinkly feel to make things more fun.
  • It is filled with catnip to make it tempting.
  • Having a variety of textures is good for your teeth.


  • Some cats might get bored after a while.

The Catstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker is a fun new take on cat games because it is fun and good for your cat’s teeth. It’s an excellent toy for your cat to play with because it’s crinkly, filled with catnip, and well-thought-out. There are better options for some cats, but its dental benefits and fun features make it a strong contender in cat enrichment.


The Catstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker is the best choice for keeping cats happy and caring for their teeth. This toy’s unique shape and feel, and the catnip inside makes it even more fun to play with. Adding different textures keeps cats interested and helps their teeth health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. The toy is the right size for engaging play so cats can do their favorite things, like bunny kicks and bites. Some cats might not like it at first, and others might get bored with it over time, but overall, it’s an excellent toy for your cat that can be used for two different things. Catstages has done a great job of combining fun and function with the Crunchy Pickle Kicker, giving cat owners a way to play that is also good for their cats’ health.


Why are toys important for big cats?

Big cat toys provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, and overall enrichment. They mimic natural behaviors, preventing boredom and promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle.

What types of toys are suitable for big cats?

Big cats benefit from various toys, including interactive toys like puzzle feeders, plush toys for comfort, climbing structures such as trees and platforms, and DIY toys that can be customized based on individual preferences.

Are there safety considerations for big cat toys?

Yes, safety is paramount. Durable materials, the absence of small parts that can be ingested, and regular supervision are crucial. Ensuring the toys are appropriately sized and monitoring the cats’ interactions helps prevent injuries.

Can I make my big cat toys?

Absolutely! DIY toys provide an affordable and customizable option. Following safety guidelines, homemade puzzle feeders and repurposed items can offer unique enrichment experiences.

How do I choose the right size of toys for my big cat?

Consider the individual cat’s size and strength. Toys should be appropriately sized to prevent injury and provide a stimulating challenge without being too intimidating or small.

Are there benefits to using catnip in big cat toys?

Yes, catnip can enhance the appeal of toys. Many big cats enjoy the stimulating effects of catnip, making toys containing it more enticing for play.

Where can I purchase safe and durable big cat toys?

Reputable suppliers specializing in pet toys, especially those designed for giant cats, offer a range of options. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from other big cat owners can guide your purchasing decisions.

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