How to Care for a Cat Properly to Preserve Its Life

A true and good cat care guide needs to be understood, especially for beginners. Those of you who are taking care of a cat for the first time certainly need to know some things that need to be taken care of when taking care of a cat. But, taking care of a cat is not just feeding. There are many steps to take care of cats that are important You see so that the anabul is healthy and bright.

Of course you want to make sure your cat is healthy and likes living with you. Therefore, you must know the accurate steps for caring for cats. Even though they can be new companions in the house, unfortunately not everyone can look after cats. Not only housing and food, cats need care to stay healthy. How do you look after a cat properly? Read the following guide

Steps to Take Care of Cats Properly:

1. Prepare a safe room or place to stay

The first guide to looking after cats is to prepare a safe room or place to live. A “Safe Room” does not have to be a separate room but can be an empty cupboard, a corner of the bedroom with protective curtains, or a bathroom that is rarely used. This safe room is a location that can be called “home”, where the cat can be alone and rest. Safe rooms are generally sought after by cats that have just entered a house.

2. Give nutritious food

Cats are meat-eating animals (carnivores). Therefore, he needs to be fed meat, fish and eggs, to fulfill nutritional needs, such as fat and protein. However, you can give him plant foods, such as vegetables, fruit and nuts, but not much animal food, OK?

3. Comb the cat’s fur every day

The next step to maintaining good cat health is to comb the cat’s fur every day. This routine can apparently bring you closer to your pet cat. In addition, combing the fur prevents tangling and dreadlocks, especially in cats with long fur. Anabul can indeed clean loose feathers by licking and looking after himself, but you can also help him with this problem.

4. Regularly clean the cat

Even though they are rarely bathed, some cats are relatively clean. However, you must continue to look after your cat by combing its fur regularly. Frequently combing your cat’s hair will keep it clean, prevent shedding, and reduce the appearance of clumps of fur. If needed, you can bathe your cat about 1-2 times a month, depending on its cleanliness.

5. Clean the Cat’s Bed

Steps to take good care of cats can start with providing a special place to sleep and rest. You can prepare a comfortable location, for example a sleeping mat covered with a blanket so that the cat stays warm. Regularly wash the cat’s bed so that no dirt and bacteria can nest. Germs and bacteria can make cats more susceptible to illness.


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