The Best Litter For Diabetic Cats Reviews

Best Litter For Diabetic Cats

Let’s start our journey on an important discussion “the best litter for diabetic cats”. Cat owners know the importance of giving diabetic cats the right surroundings and care for their health. Choosing the suitable litter is something that is often forgotten. It may looks an easy choice, but it can significantly affect your diabetic cat’s comfort and health. Litter is essential to your furry friend’s daily life; it affects their health, cleaning, and stress levels.

This article will look at and compare different litters that are made to meet the specific needs of diabetic cats. We’ve experienced the different options to help you make an informed choice, from opportunities that don’t make a lot of dust to ones that are gentle on sensitive hands. This article aims to help you find the best litter for your diabetic cats that will keep the litter box clean and make your cat more happy and comfortable. Let’s learn more about this core part of cat care and ensure our diabetic cats have a nice place to live.

Can cat litter detect diabetes?

3-Best Litter For Diabetic Cats

Different cat litter products are available in the market, but only some products are suitable for some cats. Here, we have collected the three best litter for diabetic cats.

Purina Tidy Cats litter, Clumping Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Litter is a best litter for diabetic cats reduces control sugar levels as well as smells and makes cleaning easier. This 4-in-1 Strength formula eliminates many foul odors, keeping the litter box clean and attractive. Because it’s made of light materials, pouring and changing the litter box is easier. It smells like a light flowery scent and is meant to improve your cat’s litter experience.

Features and Analysis:

It stands out because it effectively removes smells like urine, feces, ammonia, and bacteria, making the surroundings better for both cats and their owners. The process of clumping makes solid and tight clumps that are easier to scoop and help keep the litter box clean. One amazing feature is the Ammonia Blocker, which stops ammonia smells for up to 2 weeks when advised.


  • It attacks and removes many smells, making the place smell fresh.
  • It has natural ingredients that are good for diabetes.
  • Strong clumps make it easy to clean the litter box and keep it clean.
  • It has a pleasant floral smell, making using the litter more effective and enjoyable.
  • The light formula makes it easy to pour and handle.
  • Thanks to Ammonia Blocker technology, the litter box doesn’t smell for a long time.


  • The flower smell restricted.


It is a good choice for diabetic cats. It puts cleanliness and ease of maintenance first by getting rid of a wide range of smells successfully and ensuring that the clumps are tight so they are easy to scoop. The Ammonia Blocker makes it better at fighting smells, which makes it a good choice for cat owners who want a good and stable, low-dust clumping litter. Some users may find the smell intensity subjective, but overall, it works well and isn’t too heavy, so cat lovers who want to improve their cats’ litter experience can consider it.

Pet Honesty Cat Multivitamin Supports Overall Immune Health, Diabetes and Digestion

The Cat Multivitamin from Pet Honesty is a tasty supplement to help our furry friends stay healthy. This supplement is not only nutritional but also tastes great and is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Cats like it because it has a unique taste with a crunchy outside and a creamy inside.

Features and Analysis:

Pet Honesty’s multivitamin chews are made to give cats a mix of essential nutrients for their health. The structure and taste are designed to appeal to cats so they can get the health benefits without any problems. Key valuable ingredients like Lysine help keep the immune system and lungs healthy. Beta-glucan is good for the gut and digestive system, and Omega-3 fatty acids from different sources are suitable for the coat, skin, and joints. The product doesn’t contain any common allergens or fake ingredients, making it even more appealing.


  • Cats love this mix of taste and texture.
  • Helps the health of your gut, immune system, heart, and diabetes.
  • Premium, natural nutrients such as Lysine, Beta Glucan, and Omega-3s
  • Made without fake ingredients or common allergens.


  • Different Taste choices availability.


The Cat Multivitamin from Pet Honesty is good for improving a cat’s health. It tastes and feels great and has all the elements cats need, so that most cats will enjoy it. This supplement is perfect for responsible cat owners who want a more complete approach to their pet’s health. It focuses on supporting the immune system, diabetes control, heart health, and digestion. Pet Honesty’s commitment to natural, high-quality products and the lack of common allergens prove their care for pet health.

PETKIT Everclean Cat Litter, Strong Clumping Cat Litters

Finding suitable cat litter is essential to caring for cats and keeping the peace in the house. PETKIT Everclean Cat Litter, a strong clumping litter, is a good choice for cat owners who want easy-to-clean garbage that works well. It is made of unique materials and is designed to make using the litter box accessible and odor-less for cats and people.

Features and Analysis:

PETKIT Everclean Cat Litter has small-particle bentonite that fills in the gaps left by tofu cat litter. This makes it better at absorbing water and sticking quickly. The more extensive area between the particles makes them stick together even more, which allows it easy to clean the litter box without leaving behind sticky leftovers. This clumping action is significant for keeping the litter box clean and fresh.

In addition, this cat litter cares about cats’ lung health by making the air much less dusty. Each cat litter particle is 2 mm in diameter, very hard, and not easily broken. This makes sure that there is no dust in the air. Adding activated carbon and deodorant particles eliminates terrible smells, making the area more pleasant for people and pets.

PETKIT Everclean Cat Litter is easy to eliminate because it can be flushed with water and is made from natural ingredients. The fact that the litter can be mixed with water and thrown down the toilet makes it even more convenient and eco-friendly.


  • Rapid clumping makes cleaning the litter box easier.
  • Composition without dust for better lung health
  • Activated carbon and deodorant particles can get rid of smells.
  • Easy to water-flush
  • Suitable for homes with more than one cat.


  • It needs care for handling.


With its focus on quick clumping, less dust, and odor control, PETKIT Ever clean Cat Litter is a pleasant choice for cat lovers who want easy and clean litter. Its ability to be flushed with water makes it more appealing and makes daily maintenance easy. Overall, this litter is a good choice for people with more than one cat or who want a mess-free litter experience.

1. Why do diabetic cats not use the litter box?

Cats with diabetes may not use the litter box because they are thirsty and need to go to the bathroom more often, which are common signs of diabetes. These cats may need to go to the toilet more often and may associate the litter box with pain or discomfort, which makes them not want to use it.

2. Can cat litter detect diabetes?

Diabetes can’t be found in cat litter alone. Changing how a cat uses the litter box, like going to the bathroom more often or changing the amount of pee it produces, can be an early sign of diabetes. If you see these kinds of changes, you should see a vet right away so they can do the proper tests and make a conclusion.

3. What’s suitable for a diabetic cat?

Cats with diabetes need to eat a diet that is well-planned, regular, and under control. This could include diabetic cat food, a feeding plan, and watching how much the cat eats. Cats with diabetes also need to exercise regularly, watch their weight, and take insulin as their vet recommends.

4. What is the healthiest litter for cats?

Most of the time, cat litter that is low in dust, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t have any chemicals or scents that are bad for them is the best litter for cats. Natural litter made from corn, wheat, recycled paper, or wood is often considered better for cats’ health because they break down naturally and are gentle on their paws and lungs.

5. What litter is most natural for cats?

The most natural choice for cats is litter made from corn, wheat, recycled paper, wood, or grass seed, among other plant-based materials. These litters break down naturally, are safe for the earth, and don’t usually have any chemicals or scents added to them.

6. Do diabetic cats smell?

Because their blood sugar is too high, diabetic cats can sometimes get breath that smells sweet or fruity. Ketones are produced when the your body does not have sufficient amount of insulin for utilization of glucose for energy purposes, which can explain the strong smell.

7. Do diabetic cats pee more?

Yes, cats with diabetes often have to go to the bathroom more frequently (polyuria). When your blood sugar is high, you drink more water and have to go to the bathroom more often.

8. Do all diabetic cats have glucose in urine?

Yes, glucose may be in a diabetic cat’s pee if their diabetes is not controlled or under reasonable control. Glucosuria is when glucose leaks into the urine because of high blood sugar. For cats with diabetes, it is essential to check their glucose levels regularly through testing.

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